Culture Excursions:

The culture of Uganda widely known for its wide diversity of heterogeneous tribes categorized into two major ethnic groups namely; Bantu who occupy the east, west, southern regions and the Nilotics who dominate the northern and eastern region. Bantu speaking people include Baganda, Banyankole, Batoro, Bagisu, Bakiga, Bakonjo, Basoga among others whereas Nilotic people include the Iteso, Karamajongs, Japador, Acholi etc. Ugandan culture is a unique blend of traditional dances, folk music, heterogonous languages, clothing, religion, local cuisine and significant ceremonies like initiation, counseling, circumcision, naming, and marriage.

A cultural tour in Uganda is a perfect way to learn about these various tribes, their history, way of life, indulge traditional ceremonies and visit the endless list of ancient churches, mosques, temples, museum, theatres, shrines, royal tombs & palaces to mention but a few. Various cultural attractions can be accessed during a tour around Kampala city where you will visit places like Kasubi tombs, Wamala tombs, Kabaka’s palace, Namugongo martyrs shrine, Bahai temple, Ndere center, Namirembe cathedral, Makerere university, Kabaka’s lake, Owino market, Kampala old taxi park, Uganda museum, National theater etc . Other interesting cultural sites located outside Kampala city include Tororo rock painting, Sipi falls on Mountain elgon, Source of River nile, Bujagali falls among others

Most cultural enthusiasts like to visit the rare forest Batwa pygmies who occupy the rain forests of south western Uganda and the slopes of Mountain Rwenzori. These pygmies are believed to have been the first inhabitants of Uganda long before the coming of Bantu people; a fact that attracts many tourists to Uganda though their way of life, hunting and fruit gathering skills are quite impressive. Other tribes you can visit include the Karamajong and the recently discovered IK people, Uganda’s most marginalized tribe occupying the slopes of Mount Morongule believed to be on the verge of extinction.

6 Days Cultural Trip


Day 1, Kampala cultural sites After Breakfast at your hotel, meet with our company driver/tour guide and transfers you to cultural sites with in and around Kampala. These cultural sites include Kasubi tombs where Buganda kings and royals are buried, Kabaka’s lake and Kabaka’s Palace, Nagalabi coronation site, and many other interesting sites, this day […]


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