Kampala City

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Kampala city is the capital of Uganda and the countries largest urban center where many important government institutions and international bodies bases can be found. Reliable transport, good communication system and affordable accommodation have made Kampala a major tourism and investment hub in East Africa. Once the hunting grounds for the Kabaka, the city was built across seven famous hills whose tops sit some of the most important cultural and commoercial buildings each with an interesting historic background. The infamous seven hills of Kampala include Makerere hill, Kasubi hill, Mengo hill , Kibuli hill, Lubaga hill, Namirembe hill and Nakasero hill and the city is divided into five major divisions namely Kampala central, Makyindye, Rubaga, Kawempe and Nakawa to easen administration and planning.

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Access – Getting there and away
Travelers and visitors flying in arrive in Uganda at Entebbe international airport located on the shores of Lake victoria,. You can then use a special hire for UD$5 to Entebbe and US$15 if you are going to Kampala but if you are in Uganda for safari, then company driver guide will drive you to the city at no extra cost.


Kasubi Tombs– Burial tombs for Buganda Kings
This tourism site is located on Hoima road after Nakulabye round about. It is a huge dome -like structure that houses the remains of the four former Buganda Kings that is King Mutesa I, Mwanga II, Daudi Chwa II, and Edward Mutesa II. The Tombs were constructed in a traditional fashion with thatch poles and reeds that make up the roof. the structure houses a variety of artifacts that belonged to the Kings. The site is looked after by the descendants of the Kings’ wives who live in the huts that belonged to their relatives (King’s wives).

Naggalabi Buddo Coronation site-Discover Buganda
It is located on Masaka road near the school of King’s College Buddo.
This panoramic hill top at Naggalabi Buddo is the historic heart of Buganda Kingdom. It was at this place that the Buganda Kingdom began or came into existence during the time of Bemba. It is at this place that all the Kings of the Buganda Kingdom were and are still crowned. The site also has the Buganda house where the King has to live for about 7 days after coronation so as to full fill cultural rituals.

Kabaka’s Lake -Kampala Ndeeba
This is found on the city suburb of Ndeeba between Ring road and Nabunya Road. This lake was dug out on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga in the 1880’s as an ‘escape corridor’ to Lake Victoria. This is the largest excavated lake in Africa.

Kabaka’s palace-Kampala Mengo
The palace is located on Kabakanjagala Road on Mengo hill. It consists of two large palaces connected by a straight road. When walking from Bulange which is a home to Mengo offices, there is a round about with a straight road in the middle of it which is for Kabaka’s use only as the local superstition says he must not turn a corner on this route to any where. The Kabaka’s Palace consists of the Kabaka’s House commonly Known as the Twekobe House.

Wamala Tombs-Tomb of King Suuna 2
Just like the Kasubi Tombs, the Wamala Tombs are located on Hoima road near Nakulabye round about. The place was set on a hill top in a beautiful surrounding. Wamala King’s Tombs are the sacred burial place of Kabaka Suuna II who was a powerful ruler, with a fearsome reputation for punishment .His death heralded a golden age by bringing Kabaka Mutesa I to the throne.

Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine-Namugongo
The site is located in Namugongo off Jinja road. It is a religious place where in 1886 more than 20 newly converted Christians were burnt alive following the command of Kabaka Mwanga II after refusing to renounce the white man’s religion. Majority of the martyrs were Kabaka’s workers, and were sent to death for his fear of losing the throne.

Crafts Village-African Art and Crafts in Kampala
This village is found behind the National theatre on De Winton Road
it’s a cool and advised place for tourists who wish to browse through bountiful unique and witty souvenirs, made by Ugandans or imported from the neighboring countries. The prices here are negotiable so do not hesitate to pay a visit.

Owino Market-Kampala’s largest Market
The market is locatedin between Nakivubo place and kafumbe Mukasa Road. Owino market is the place to buy designer clothes and shoes which are second hand. Beware of pick pocketers and please leave your jewelry behind.

Bahai Temple-Kampala,Gayaza
It is located in Kikaaya Hill 6km from Kampala Gayaza road.This is the only temple for worship of it‘s own in Africa. It has its unique norms as compared to otherreligious temples and its architecture is so unique. Its compound has got a superb with a view of the Kampala city. It is a place only known for prayers and meditation. There are 8 houses of worship in the world and Bahai temple is the mother temple of Bahai in Africa.

Hindu Temple-Kampala,Nakasero
It is close to Nakasero market, this sandstone building was made without the use of a single nail Adorned with ornaments and symbols, it lights up with thousands of fairy lights during night, Diwali and other Indian religious festivals. It is commonly known for the Indians who are Hindustanis.

St.Paul’s Namirembe Cathedral-Namirembe Hill
The church has been in existence since 1892, however other churches have been built on top of Namirembe hill. The church provides a spectacular view of Kampala and was constructed with
Kabaka Daudi.

St. Mary’s Cathedral Rubaga-Rubaga Hill
This is a ravishing church which graces the hill top of Rubaga, previously it was a site for royal palace of Kabaka Mutesa.It was constructed between 1914 and 1925 with the help of the Catholics’ donations from the Missionary churches abroad.

Kibuli Mosque-Kibuli Hill, Kampala
It is surrounded by the serenity of the palm trees, the structure is
at the top of Kibuli hill and is the centre of the Islamic faith in Uganda.

Makerere University-Uganda’s top University
This is the oldest and most prestigious university in East and Central Africa. Campus grounds stretch over Makerere hill and the main hall stands at the top, overlooking Kampala city.

Old Kampala Mosque
This is also referred to as Gadafi Mosque because the money that funded its construction was from the President of Libya Col Gadafi.
It is also a Muslim mosque and is located on the hill of Old Kampala.

Uganda Museum,History of Uganda
The site is Located on Kiira Road in Kampala city.It is a unique collection of ethnological exhibits covering hunting, agriculture, war, religion, witchcraft and natural history, as well as a great collection of traditional musical instruments from all over the continent. The building also houses the Uganda Society and their Library with a wide range of books on Uganda’s history and culture.

National theatre-Entertainment in Kampala
It is located on De Winton Road in the heart of Kampala city
National Theatre is the home of a number of drama and dance troupes, and frequently stages new productions. The Majority of visiting artists perform here. Monday night’s jam session at the Musicians’ Club – a rare combination of people and music you just should not miss!

There are a number of dining options in Kampala ranging from the cheap, local to the very fancy. Several eating places with both local and international dishes in the city centre. Kampala’s restaurants serve different cuisine such as;

  • Continental Dishes at Domino’s Pizza on Kampala Road and Crocodile Restaurant in Kisementi.
  • ChineseDishes at Great Wall of China on Kampala Road.
  • Fast foods
  • French dishes at Café de Paris up the road from Garden city
  • Belgian dishes at Le Chateau just past the American Embassy.
  • Italian dishes at Mamamia’s pizzeria an adjunct to the Speke hotel
  • Lebanese dishes
  • Indian dishes at Face 2 on Nakasero Road, Khana Khazana on Acacia Avenue in Kololo, The Clay Pot inside the Hotel Equatorial, Tandoori Chaat Masala on De Winton Street and Haandi on Kampala Road.
  • Ugandan foods at King Fahd Plaza, Wandegeya and Nakulabye


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