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Best Time To Go On Safari In East Africa


The best time to visit East Africa is when the wild animals can be easily spotted and in huge numbers under the most comfortable conditions possible. With varying seasons in every East African country, there’s always a different type of safari activity you can enjoy every month depending on what country a tourist would like […]

Kayaking In Uganda- Bujagali Falls


Kayaking is one of the most thrilling water sports  only carried out on Bujagali falls in Jinja town. White water Kayaking on the nile is more testing than water rafting offering opportunities to learn and develop your own skills while exploring the world’s longest river. Open top kayaks are the most common types used in […]

Mabira Forest Tour


  Mabira forest is Uganda’s largest rain forest reserve covering over 7400 acres of land located in Buikwe district which just a 1 hour drive from Kampala. Well endowed with a diversity of flora and fauna including primates and over 315 bird species, Mabira has become a must visit Uganda tour destination for anyone interested […]

Uganda Culture Experience


Uganda culture is a fascinating mixture of various Bantu and Nilotic speaking tribes that embrace diverse forms of history, languages, dressing, arts, religion, traditional dance & music. Luganda and English are the most used languages in Uganda with the Bantu mainly occupying central, eastern and south western parts as nilotic tribes like Acholi and Karamajongs […]

5 Best Tour Destinations To Visit in Uganda


While images of mountain gorillas, game roaming in savannah and the long river nile leap to a travelers mind when picturing a Uganda tour expedition  , these sites and attractions are just but a few of what the “Pearl Of Africa” holds, a country blessed with a rich traditional and colonial history mixed with spectacular […]

Mgahinga Gorilla Park- Sites & Activities


Mgahinga gorilla park is Uganda’s smallest park measuring just 33.7 sq kms  first gazetted as a gorilla sanctuary back in 1930 before being upgraded to a national park in 1991. Mgahinga gorilla park currently protects three of the Virunga volcanoes namely Sabinyo, Gahinga & Muhabura all found in South western Uganda bordering Rwanda. Special acticities […]

Journey To Nkuringo 3 Days


I enjoyed my journey  to Bwindi Impenetrable forest with Nkuringo Walking Safaris, specialists in organising guided nature walks between Buhuma in Bwindi Forest and Kisoro via Nkuringo and some of my main highlights of the safari included Gorilla safari in Bwindi, Dugout Canoe crossing of Lake Mutanda, 9 km walk from Rwanjenje to the Junction […]

Budongo Forest – History & Activities


Budongo Forest is a 790 square km large mahogany forest located north west of Kampala en route to Murchison falls national park with a high concentration of butressed giant mahoganies and ironwood trees. Budongo forest records up to 465 plant species, 366 bird species  and 250 butterfly species with the record largest population of 800 […]

Lake Bunyonyi – Sights & Activities


Uganda  has been blessed with an abundance  natural resource ranging from lakes, rivers to mountains and wildlife but beauty of Lake Bunyonyi ( Place of many little birds ) cant be surpassed by any other lake in Uganda. Located in Kisoro near the Rwandan border , the over 45 m deep crater lake is rumored […]

Getting Around Kampala City- Uganda


Car Hire – Car hire in Kampala city  is relatively costly mainly because of the poor roads hence many car hire  companies offering car hire services in Uganda normally charge up to 100 dollars per day for 4 by 4 safari cars including a driver or guide but excluding fuel but the good news is […]

Uganda Among Top 20 Destinations to Visit


Uganda is among the top 20 world tourism destinations in the year 2013, according to the National Geographic. The lonely planet named Uganda as the best travel destination for 2012 but  the National Geographic has listed Uganda among the “top 20 new must-see places.  tagging Uganda as Africa’s new frontier. The National Geographic stated that […]

Where is Uganda?


Where is Uganda? , Tourists always ask, well here’s some information about where Uganda is located , history, facts, language , people and getting there and top tourist attractions in Uganda that will leave any tourist yearning for more. Uganda (Pearl Of Africa)  is a landlocked country located in East Africa bordered on the west […]

3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Safari Uganda


Bwindi inhabits about half of the world’s mountain gorillas remaining. There are only about 600 mountain Gorillas but Bwindi is a habitat to 340 mountain Gorillas. This makes this national park richer in mountain Gorillas as compared to its counter parts. The park is under the ownership of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) which controls […]

African Fish Eagle –Uganda


The African Fish eagle  (Haliaeetus vocifer) is a large species of Eagle that can be found throught out sub saharan Africa where large bodies of open water occur. It may resemble the North American Bald eagle in appearance . it’s a very large bird with a male weighing up to 2.5 Kg and female weighing between […]

Travel to Uganda- When & Where


When to travel to Uganda The main factor you should consider when planning to travel to Uganda is that rainfall pattern. With a warm sun all year round, Uganda also has some wet months and these need to be put into consideration by a traveler who wants to visit Uganda especially travelers who wish to […]

History of Murchison Falls & the Park


“The fall of the water was white as snow, a superb effect which contrasted with the dark cliffs that acted as walls to the river, With palms of the tropics and wild plantains giving the Murchison falls a more beautiful view”, This was indeed the greatest waterfall of the River Nile and in honor of […]

Have you been to Nshenyi Village- Uganda?


Well if you haven’t, i will fill you in about this budget cultural tour in Uganda. Nshenyi Village is located 90 km from Mbarara town in Uganda. Nshenyi village is a strong hold for the tall Banyankole (Ankole Kingdom) who are well reknown for the popular long horned cattle found no where else in East […]

The Batwa Trail -Uganda


Introduction- The batwa pepole are a pygmy tribe living in temporary erected huts  in the protected tourist attraction sites like the Bwindi forest and Semiliki wildlife reserve where over 70 batwa people were driven out due to charges of poaching some of the wildlife in the reserve and it was until 2007 that the local […]

Gorilla, Chimpanzee Tracking Tour Costs


—-Uganda Gorilla Tracking Excursions-— In order to track the largest living primate, the mountain gorilla, Independent and group travelers are advised to book in advance(2-3 months before the gorilla tour) so that safari companies can search for the gorilla permits before your arrival in Uganda or Rwanda. Gorillas are only found in Bwindi national park […]

Birding in Uganda


Uganda is home to over 1050 species of birds found within or near rain forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, swamps, wood lands, savanah as well as in Kampala city. The diversity of bird species has transformed Uganda into one of the best birding safari destinations in Africa. Aredent bird lovers come form across the world in […]

Baby Gorilla born in Uganda-Nshongi gorilla group

New baby gorilla born in Nshongi gorilla group….gorilla safari artcle about the new born baby gorilla in Uganda.

Gorilla Tracking rules and Regulations


The mountain gorillas are among the most endangered apes in this world and are unique with half the the population residing in south western Uganda in Bwindi Forest which was turned into a national park where tourists and travelers can track the famous Gorillas and the remaining population is located in the Virunga Volcanoe in […]


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