Safari Equipment

Monday, February 16th, 2015

Safari equipment for each adventure varies depending on what type of safari tour your going on for example hiking gear is different from wildlife or photography tour gear. Read through and get an insight of what your expected to bring along to enjoy your safari the best way possible.

Gorilla Tracking Equipment
If you are going for the Gorilla trekking safari, always take the following safari clothings and equipments:
Warm clothes, fleece or light wool sweater, moisture wicking undergarments, lightweight wool socks, long-sleeved shirt, strong waterproof walking boots which may be used for going up and down steep hills, sturdy trousers, sunglasses, a torch, fast film, binoculars, sun screen, a sun hat, a breathable lightweight rain poncho or parka with a rain hat, gloves to grip vegetation and a small backpack to carry water and a packed lunch which may be acquired from your place of accommodation. It is best to have layers of clothing as temperatures tend to change.

Mountain Climbing Equipment
In mountain climbing and Hiking, one needs to have both the hiking clothings and equipments. These include the following

Climbing materials;
mountain gloves or mittens / over mitts for climbing, climbing rope, crampons, ice axe, climbing harness, carabineers, slings, day pack/climbing pack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, waterproof sacks, such as large canoe bags (Ortleib) for packing tent, gear and sleeping bag and clothes.

Hiking Clothing ; hats for sun/rain, warm hat for high altitude climbing, mountain jacket, rain gear, fleece jacket and sweater, long-sleeve trekking shirts, T-shirts, hiking/climbing pants, shorts, light weight long underwear; light pair of gloves for camp.

Footwear; camp shoes or sandals, walking shoes (runners), gaiters (a set for low and high altitudes) and mountain boots that can fit crampons for going to summit.

Rafting Equipment
T-shirt, swim suit, board shorts and waterproof sunscreen for wear on the river (you will not need shoes or sandals). The water temperature is 27°C (49°F) all year round! For the end of the day, pack a towel, change of clothes and warm top. Other equipments like the Rafting boats, life jackets and others can be rented from any company responsible for your Rafting arrangements like Adrift in Jinja.

Wildlife Safari Equipment
On wildlife safaris, one must put into considerations the type and color of clothings to put on while on a safari. Colors such as Red is not best for wildlife viewing because animals see blood and one will look like fresh meat ready to eat where as white is not the best because of the dusty roads leading to most safari parks and wildlife destinations.

Other safari equipment include:

  1. Hat
  2. Jacket
  3. Shoes and Gear
  4. Insect repellents
  5. Safari shirts and tops
  6. Nightwear
  7. First aid kit
  8. Water treatment
  9. Rucksacks
  10. Outdoor clothing
  11. Sun cream
  12. Binoculars especially for birders.
  13. Cameras
  14. Video cameras for watching wildlife animals



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